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We are proud of our team because of their dedication, open communications and pleasurable building experience. Mehar Infrastructure is a primer construction company in Nagpur. Our clients get buildings of exceptional quality, character, and value. Our firm has made a way from a small company to a large construction company in Nagpur. Everything started from the founder’s initiative to open a small service of an individual construction worker. He was able to express such commitment and professionalism that people kept returning and recommending him when he actually realized this is what he is destined to be doing.

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Bungalow and Row-house


Office, Township etc

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vision and mission

Our vision is to provide the best amenities and services to customers, be the leading construction company in our chosen markets, sought after by potential clients and employees for our track record in reliable execution. Our DREAMING piece – if everything goes right, it is how our organization will change the world.


Our mission is to provide exceptional services to people related to our infrastructure and building construction. We are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism, service response, integrity and quality workmanship.Client satisfaction is our first priority.

Our Strategy

We are committed to differentiating ourselves by continuously increasing our expertise in executing large and sophisticated buildings, infrastructure projects while maintaining a highly selective risk management process for every new project and venture.


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